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Making Futures Matter, September 2016

CWRDD (c-oo-rr-th) (verb, noun) In September 2016, Future Matters Collective hosted an event in Cardiff looking at academic-artistic explorations of futures in the making across diverse social fields. Cwrdd is a Welsh word that means meet, gather together, converge and touch, run into, stumble across, join, exchange, encounter by accident. In response to the academic tradition of rendering the future as a product in contexts of anticipation, expectation and imagination, our Cwrdd was concerned with the future as a lived process in contexts of uncertainty. To reflect critically on futures in the making across our varied areas of research and practice, we sought to explore creative exchanges that allowed us to render as tangible the possible and processual...Read More

Jul 01

Light Moves 2014 and Graphic Moves 2015

Making and imagining Merthyr: using the creative power of art to illuminate place The art works speak back to those who dare to tell us — the people of Merthyr — who we are and who we can become. Digital stories, photography, film, music, movement and song capture experiences, feelings and reflections of living in Merthyr. We explored our sense of place through collaborative art workshops involving people of all generations and artists in South Wales. The exhibition was part of the Connected Communities Festival (funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council) and was based on two research projects led by Cardiff University and the University of Bristol. This project was a collaboration between the universities, a group of artists from South Wales (Fizzi Events), a local community project (POSSIB) and many of us: people living in Merthyr. Light Moves and Graphic Moves The exhibitions We move, we dance, we see, we draw, we think, we stand, we roam, we film, we wonder, we capture, we turn, we jump, we click, we feel, we walk, with light moves, across the ground of the places where we live, where we belong, we move, we dance, we see, we draw, we think, we stand, we roam, we film, […]..Read More

May 11

Cardiff University Series 1: Futures in the Making

May 2103 Barbara Adam, Catherine Butler, Christopher Groves and Elen Stokes worked together to produce a public lecture for the Hay Festival in Hay-on-Wye, UK, in May 2013. The annual Hay Festival, which started in 1988, celebrates literature, journalism and other writing and attracts over 200,000 attendees over 10 days. Click Play below to listen to audio of the talk.  ..Read More

Sep 01

Drawing Theory: Time and Futures

Barbara Adam and Seth Oliver Great Expectations: Arts and the Future International Conference, European Research Network on the Sociology of the Arts, University of Surrey 1–3 September, 2010 In this collaborative work, social theorist Barbara Adam and sculptor Seth Oliver used visible means to render the implicit tangible. This involved them in new forms of communication and reflections on the creative process, non-representation, communication of complexity and the role of responsibility. The work focused on sustainability, outlining approaches to sustainability and the future and developing a distinction between ‘present future’ and ‘future present’...Read More